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”Hey! Hire a MoneyMaker”

Thanks for visiting. I am Era Mikkola, a creative and hardworking freelancer from Helsinki Finland. I have worked for 30 years – and still do – for brands operating in Finland. I also work for my colleaques running creative/planning companies up here. I started as an entrepreneur when kid but pretty soon found out my way – the freelancer´s way – fits me personally better.

I love my work but it is pretty complicated to try to explain what I am actually doing. Nowadays it is so multi-everything. Maybe the best way is to look my daily works from the view of the content. The content is the king. No matter what you do, the content always put the limits to success. In my world we want to create really clear basic, hands-on plans to communications, marketing and sales. Simplifying means clarification and also launches made easier, more rapidly and in every media needed – finally ending nicely onto the web presense. So the another magic word is digi. We need to make everything to be re-usable everywhere, from mobile to shopping windows.

Yeah, I know.. why don’t you just call me. Lets have a chat about making more money. Mobile: +358 40 485 7940

Thanks for visiting. Here are some of my everyday professional skills.


A form of commercial art. Honestly I think this is something I still love maybe the most. Working as an AD means to me the least sitting in front of my macs but a lot of mental crunching and understanding the client´s processes and their targets.

  • Advertising
  • Branding
  • Corporate images
  • Creative ideas
  • Design managements
  • Photography
  • Print and old world
  • Visuals contexts
  • User Interfaces


Many times, or almost every time, I act also as the copywriter. I can write multiple and complicated concepts in simple commercial form. I have developed my style with hundreds of cases. My goal is to simplify all the way down to make it as clear as it can be.

  • Advertising
  • Branding
  • Business ideas
  • Corporate stories
  • Creative concepts
  • Screenwriting
  • Social media
  • Web content


I write music mainly to my customers videos. I use Macs equipped with all the major software you can imagine. I am a lucky guy, because I can make my music as a part of successful projects. I also have many web collaborations going on with great musicians from all the corners of the globe – from Africa to USA and from Europe to New Zealand.

  • Advertising
  • Arrangements
  • Commercial music
  • Music for video
  • Soundscapes


I have seen the www developing to what it is today from the day 2. I am very excited about the huge opportunities the web and all the new mobile gadgets offer to business owners and brands. I have been working as a webmaster for several medium businesses.

  • Advertising
  • Branding
  • Corporate images
  • Creative ideas
  • Web managements
  • Photography
  • Software / coding
  • Visuals contexts
  • User Interfaces

Pro-level skills on these softwares


All on one invoice, of course.

Regardless the size of the project I collect all the works done in one invoice.

eezyI use a great invoicing service called Eezy.fi (http://eezy.fi) for the most of my works. As the name says it is the easiest way to get the job done. Eezy.fi sends you the invoice, pays all the taxes etc. and finally the team including me gets a little too. Thanks to services like Eezy.fi every talented freelancer have a chance to enjoy his/her expertise without starting to run a company. Not to mention for a freelancer running a company is far too much work to do without getting paid, vise versa actually. You should get our works in very reasonable prices.

Eezy made a video interview while they visited our place, it is in finnish.

Here is my wonderfull playground.



SW4 Verstas is an 120m2 AudioVisual studio located in Lauttasaari, Helsinki. There is all you need to produce smoothly anything needed for the modern digital campaign, ad, webpage, software, game, .. you name it. Not very surprising that I spend a lot of time in the studios. http://spacewhale.fi


sw4_audio Plug it in and go!! We have a rehearsal / live room with the band backline and drums. By using Behringer X32 you can track 32 channel digital at the same time straight to the computer.

  • iMac and PC
  • Behringer X32 + S16
  • Behringer P16 monitor mixer
  • Apple Logic 8,9 and X
  • Harrison mixbus 2.5
  • Protools 10
  • Sony Acid, etc.
  • Reaper


sw4_greenscreen Silence and action!! The corner shaped medium size (appr. 6,5 x 5 x 4 m) green screen makes larger shootings go smootly. The green gcreen is ready to go. Just push the lights on.

  • Black Magic Cinema Camera
  • Canon Legria 100 w. Lenses
  • Readily installed daylight lights
  • Basic light set and large soft on the top
  • Basic stands etc. for camera and lights
  • Sofas for having a break / cooler / coffee
  • Make-up table


sw4_voiceover Is it already done, yeah!! We have four fully equipped computers in three rooms for editing. Two of them are in the Studio A at downstairs for tracking and 3D etc. Upstairs is a voiceover and videoedit rooms.

  • Adobe CC (all)
  • Apple FinalCut
  • AppleLogic (8,9 and X)
  • Waves plug-ins
  • IK Multimedia Plugins
  • Several nice soft synths
  • AKG C214
  • Neumann TLM 107
  • Avantone CV-12

My pro network and talented friends.


In many many cases I have worked as a team leader or a project manager for my clients. During the projects my PRO network has become actually as a friend network. A network of the best people and specialists in town. And it is still growing as the new young people comes into business. Basicly I cannot imagine any project we could not manage together.  Great talent from 3D modeling and very demanding video effects to voiceover in many foreign languages, german, french, swedish, native english from irish to deep southern accent – just to name a few.. I will write a better listing here soon…


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SHAPR3D – Koukuttavan hauska 3DCAD softa

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Sampo Rosenlew – new Avara cabin

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RIP Flash

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Flash on (vihdoin) kuopattu mitä tulee kaupallisten mainosaineistojen tuottamiseen Ostin ensimmäisen Flash-lisenssini 1990-luvun lopussa. Se oli tuolloin nimeltään Macromedia Flash ja aidosti ainoa järkevä vaihtoehto tuottaa vektoripohjaisia animaatioita verkkoon. Sitä se olikin aika pitkään.. Flashin ...

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